Credit Union Was Built By The Poor In Tales Village, Jagir, Surabaya

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Credit union is one of the financial institutions that move in the field of savings and loans. Funds are collected, managed, and used by their own members.

Credit union was first introduced in Germany by Friedrich Wilhem Raiffeisen and spread throughout the world. World-class credit union organization is known as the World Organization Credit Union (WOCCU).

Credit union has three main pillars, namely; principles of self-reliance, the principle of solidarity, and the principle of education

According to the Law of the Republic of Indonesia number 25 of 1992 which regulates about cooperatives states that a cooperative has four functions and roles are:

  1. Build and develop the potential and economic capacity of members in particular and society in general to improve economic welfare.
  2. Participate actively in efforts to enhance the quality of human life and society.
  3. To strengthen people’s economy as the basis of strength and national economic resilience with the Cooperative as its sokogurunya;
  4. Strive to realize and develop a national economy that is a joint effort based on the principles of kinship and economic democracy.

Credit union has grown to the whole world, even becoming the first choice for small-to-medium business in Surabaya. There are a lot of Credit Union that has grown such as Kopkar ST Louis, CU Prima Danarta, CU Sumber Rejeki and so on.

There are two types of cooperatives namely; primary cooperatives and secondary cooperatives. Secondary cooperatives are tasked with ensuring quality of service and enhancing the trust of members of the primary cooperative. One of the primary cooperatives located in Surabaya is CU Sumber Rejeki in RW 10, Jagir, Wonokromo, Surabaya.

CU Sumber Rejeki which is in late 2017 form, on February 28, held member meeting for the first time. At the same time opening of the borrower’s process to members

Hopefully with the establishment of CU can help the poor in Kampung Tales. And free from loan sharks (retenir) and poverty that handcuff them from generation to generation

Surabaya, 1 Maret 2018

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